Delhi, There are a lot of things that go against you. You’re known to be unsafe, corrupt, and rude. But there are some things that are characteristic of you. Things I love:

I love that you are green in every little corner.

I love your seasons of extremities in weather.

I love the food, now no one can argue with that.

I love how cultural activities are still alive, even if they aren’t as popular.

I love the monuments for giving the city an identity, a face.

I love how the Aunties decked up in diamonds holding their fake Louis Vuitons, step out to buy groceries

I love how the Uncles argue for a tiny scratch on a shiny BMW

I love how kids are know-it-alls.

I love how weddings are treated like grand events.

I love the University, for still churning out some of the best talent in the country.

I love the wide roads.

I love the sense of pride in everything we do, mostly seen as ‘showing off’ to the rest of the world.

I love the girls for always making fashion statements.

I love the men for always knowing how to have a good time.

I love the Metro, who doesn’t?

I love the shopping, chandni chowk to select city walk.

I love that Noida and Gurgaon aren’t actually in Delhi

I love how the people are always inquisitive; we want to know everyone’s business.

I love the old architecture and some of the new.

I love the cycle rickshas.

I love that you are home.





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