I’ll miss you

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I’ll miss the day you held my hand to help me cross the river.
I’ll miss conversation over coffee.
I’ll miss the late night drive where where I hoped you’d make your move. You didn’t.
I’ll miss how you made me laugh.
I’ll miss how you rested your tired head on my shoulder. I’ll miss resting mine on yours.
I’ll miss the tension, the attraction, the desire. How we were almost there but not quite.
I’ll miss the texts and phone calls. The endless nights where I wanted you beside me.
I’ll miss the first kiss. I’ll miss the first touch. I’ll miss the moment when we were one.
I’ll miss the fun, the secrets and when the world slowed down for us.
I’ll miss the hug where I never wanted to let go.
I’ll miss saying goodbye. I wish it wasn’t goodbye.
I’ll miss the love that wasn’t meant to be.
I’ll miss my friend who understood me.
I’ll miss you.